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Reed LoRenzo Shannon was cast in the roles of Young Berry Gordy, Young Stevie Wonder, and Young Michael Jackson in the First National Tour of Broadway’s “Motown the Musical”. Over a sixteen-month period Reed performed in 275 shows before audiences ranging in size from 2000 – 4000, in 22 cities in the U.S. A. Reed received positive extraordinary mentions of his performances in published reviews across the country!

My favorite is Reed L. Shannon, the 14-year-old dynamo who lit up the stage as the very young Michael Jackson (and also played the young Berry Gordy and Stevie Wonder) last night. These roles are triple-cast, so your mileage may vary, but Shannon is a real find.

Jean Lowerison

Some of the biggest cheers were reserved for young Reed Shannon as a young Michael Jackson, jumpin’ and jivin’ through all the old Jackson 5 hits with all the old moves and vocal embellishments. Sensational.

Bob Fischback

It would be a disservice to this musical if it was not mentioned that the most amazing singing voice was belted out of a seventh-grader. This is not to say that all the other singers were not talented - they most certainly were - but to find a talent like Reed L. Shannon for the part of Young Michael Jackson, it was a highlight of the performance. If you closed your eyes and listened, you would be transported back to apex of the Jackson 5. Even now, it is a guarantee that Shannon is going places.

Alison Grausam
Twin Cities Daily Planet

Leon Outlaw Jr. and Reed L. Shannon are so talented in the roles of the young Gordy, young Stevie Wonder and young Michael Jackson that you'll probably have to blink several times to make sure you aren't seeing the originals on stage. They are that good.

Eric Lacy

One showstopping performer plays young Berry, young Stevie and, most spectacularly, young Michael Jackson. Fourteen year-old Reed Shannon was phenomenal (he alternates with Nathaniel Cullors and Leon Outlaw, Jr.). He moves well, but it’s his singing that blows the roof off and brings the house down.

Pat Launer
Times of San Diego

The star of the show in my opinion was young Michael Jackson played by Reed Lorenzo Shannon. If Michael Jackson ever had a singing twin, Reed was it.

Cynthia Roberts
Urban Image Magazine

Reed Shannon channels young Michael Jackson so cannily that the other Jackson Four barely stand a chance. It's startling how much the kid sounds like M.J.

Michael Morain
The Des Moines Register

Reed L. Shannon, who plays young musical prodigy Michael Jackson, wows the audience with his powerhouse voice and captivating grin.

Anjali Bhat
The Stanford Daily

Reed L. Shannon is a loud favorite with the crowd, not only because he is a kid, but also because the boy can move like a pro and belt out his ABC's like a young Michael Jackson.

Christine Swerczek

One of the biggest ovations, and justly so, came when young Reed L. Shannon came dancing out as Michael Jackson with the Jackson 5, purple hat cocked just so, his purple fringe vest an exact copy of one of MJ's '70s outfits.

Susan Whitall
The Detroit News

Young Michael Jackson (Reed L. Shannon) appeared to be an audience favorite and rightly so. He had all the Jackson moves, while having a voice that was almost as remarkable as Jackson's own at that young age. Shannon's voice perfectly evoked the beauty of Jackson's winsome young voice.

Michael Rabice

Who couldn’t fall in love with Reed L. Shannon as the young Michael Jackson? Close your eyes and you’ll swear you’re listening to the young man who went on to achieve superstar status. The timbre of Shannon’s voice raised gooseflesh (“I’ll Be There”).

L. Pierce Carson
Napa Valley Register
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